Unit Information

ICAC stands for Internet Crimes Against Children. The Central California ICAC Task Force was formed in 2007 and is one of 61 ICAC task forces in the United States. The ICAC system was created in order to combat the growing threat to children by use of the Internet. The federal government oversees this project with the Department of Justice. Specifically, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). The Fresno County Sheriff's Office (FSO) applied for grant monies to start the task force in 2007. FSO became the lead agency to administer the grant and reports results back to the Federal Government. Several other agencies joined shortly thereafter. In 2008, the Central California ICAC Task Force really began to grow and has since expanded to 58 affiliated law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies. The Central California ICAC is currently housed in downtown Fresno at the Fresno Homeland Security Investigations Office.

The task force conducts investigations within the Eastern District of California as well as working with federal agencies and ICAC task forces throughout the United States. The Central California ICAC Task Force investigates persons using the Internet to attempt to engage in sexual contact with underage children, persons who send children web camera feeds of, or files displaying sexual acts, and persons who download or distribute child pornography files using email or file-sharing networks. The task force also conducts education for children, adults and community groups to help them learn to be safer on the Internet and thereby reducing online victimization.

The Central California ICAC Task Force provides agencies with the training and resources to conduct proactive and reactive investigations of Internet crimes involving children. These proactive investigations allow investigators to arrest child predators before they have the opportunity to hurt a child. 

The Central California ICAC Task Force is dedicated to locating, identifying, and arresting those who prey upon our children, or those who sexually exploit our children through the use of technology.

  1. To enhance the Central California's law enforcement investigative and prosecutorial responses to Internet-related crimes committed against children.
  2. To provide ongoing training opportunities for investigators, forensic examiners, and prosecutors involved with ICAC investigations. Member agencies can receive exclusive training for their members, at reduced cost, at locations throughout the United States.
  3. To provide technological equipment and inter-agency assistance to its affiliated agencies. The Central California ICAC Task Force offers many other resources to enhance law enforcement's responses to Internet-related crimes committed against children to include deconfliction databases, contact lists, and email updates about cases, legislative updates and issues, and future training sessions.
  4. To promote community awareness of the problem of sexual exploitation of children and educate the community on preventing Internet crimes from happening to children.
  5. To raise the awareness of Central California residents about the sexual exploitation of children and prevention education. NetSmartz Internet Safety Presentation materials are available to affiliated agencies and members of the public. This material targets students from kindergarten through high school.